About us

Hello! If you’ve made it this far, you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we do.

Are you lost? Well…

Hello, we’re Rock Sound. We started way, way, (way) back in 1999 as a music magazine, but everyone has the internet now so these days we’re an alternative music magazine, website, content creator, record store, brand… essentially your home for everything that’s amazing about rock music.

We’re based in London, UK, but have contributors worldwide (and ship to the rest of the world, too!), and these days we create multiple magazines each and every month, and help your favourite artists tell their stories in the most unique, in-depth, personal ways anywhere on the planet.

You can find a lot of that over on our store, where you can find our monthly magazine, plus tonnes of other stuff like bespoke magazines about one band, album or superstar from our world, limited edition vinyl, signed CDs, world exclusive merch… everything you could ever need. All made with love and care.

The rest? Well, for a start you can have a dig around this very website for all of the latest rock music news, interviews, features, video and photos, and hit us up on social media (@rocksound pretty much everywhere) for all of the above, and for a chat about our corner of the music world.

Hit our contact page if you wanna talk more, and we’ll see you out there.