K.Flay Announces New Album ‘MONO’

K.Flay’s new album ‘Mono’ is set to be released on September 15. 

Image credit: Danielle Ernst

The two-time Grammy nominee has announced the news via the release of her new single ‘SHY’. 

The new track is the second single released ahead of the new album, following the release of lead single ‘Raw Raw’

Have a listen to ‘SHY’, produced by Dave Hammer, via its unassumingly simple black-and-white video below.

Speaking of the origins of the new track, K.Flay has explained : 

“In my music, I’m so comfortable being loud and brazen, but in my personal life, I can be a bit shy. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships. I wrote this song after I’d just met my (now) girlfriend. 

“And I sent it to her out of the blue. I guess I only know how to flirt through songs? It worked though.”

The title of the new 14-track ‘MONO’ is a nod to K.Flay’s recent experience which saw her go completely deaf in her right ear owing to the rare condition of SSNHL (Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss) and Labyrinthitis.

The situation forced K.Flay to cancel her autumn tour and led to a period where she contemplated not making music anymore.

K.Flay persisted, however, despite the obvious challenges, and now ‘MONO’ is the result – a record the artist considers to be her most experimental and realised studio album to date.

See the full album tracklist below. 

1 – Are You Serious?

2 – Carsick

3 – Raw Raw

4 – Punisher

5 – Irish Goodbye (feat. Vic Fuentes Of Pierce The Veil)

6 – Hustler

7 – Spaghetti (feat. Kid Sistr)

8 – Bar Soap

9 – Watch Me Pt. 1

10 – In America

11 – Shy 

12 – Watch Me Pt. 2

13 – Chaos Is Love

14 – Yes I’m Serious

15 – Perfectly Alone