New Paramore song ‘Running Out Of Time’ was inspired by Taylor Swift

Hayley Williams from Paramore interviewed

Paramore superstar Hayley Williams reveals how ‘Running Out Of Time’ was inspired by hanging out with Taylor Swift in Nashville when she was 19.

Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift have a long-standing friendship, Williams appears in Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video. Paramore is also supporting Taylor Swift on her tour later this year.

Speaking in an interview for Apple Music with Zane Lowe Williams revealed ‘Running Out Of Time, for me, it’s the feeling of, I remember when we were 19 and I was closer with Taylor Swift at that point because we both lived in Nashville and we’re both experiencing our own versions of real success for the first time.

‘And I went over to hang out, she’s a really good cook, by the way. She has taught me how to make stuff that I did not retain at all but the first time that I went over and we were looking around her place and she was like, ‘Oh, and this is my little closet where I keep gifts and things that if I randomly am just like, I’m going to send them something, or I did something and they hosted me and I want to thank them.’

‘And I was like, Oh my God, my life is so not together. I was like, I can barely remember to send someone a card or flowers. There are still Christmas gifts at my house that I have not sent to my friends, just sitting there in the back of my closet. Got out here and two of the people I was supposed to give a gift to, I was like, Sorry, I forgot to put in my suitcase so you still don’t get a gift.’

‘I wish that I was the person that just felt like I had all my shit together and I was like, Oh, I had some extra time, so I’m just popping by with some flowers. That kind of a thing, that is my idealised self.’

Watch the full interview view below.

Paramore’s new album ‘This Is Why’ is coming out on Friday February 10th.

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