Delaire The Liar’s Tour Essentials

Massage guns, pillow and even cycle shorts…

Delaire The Liar are about to hit the road as part of Rude Records’ The Getaway Tour alongside Modern Error and Oakman. So, we asked the band to round up 10 of their most essential items that they simply cannot leave home without.

Massage Gun

“We got a free massage session with Tom from Hot Milk when we played with them in 2022 – we now own two of our own and they will be coming on every tour.”

An Actual Pillow

“None of this neck pillow bullshit, only the real deal is good enough in the van or on a sofa.”

Cycle Shorts

“Comfy for long drives and essential for jumping around on and off stage.”

Reusable Water Bottle

“Gotta stay hydrated, and help reduce the amount of plastic we use. Our label Rude Records sent everyone on the label water bottles earlier this year so we’ll be taking them on tour with us.”

A Healthy Supply Of Pocket Sauces

“Always keep a sachet of ketchup on hand in case you get caught short after a visit to Greggs.”

Excellent Friends And Family To Stay With

“We’re really lucky to have some amazing people willing to put us up around the UK. Having a bunch of sweaty people turn up to take over your living room isn’t the nicest so we really appreciate the ending hospitality people have shown us. For us it beats a crappy hotel any day.”

Plenty Of Respect For Your Bandmates

“You’re cooped up together for hours at a time – be quiet when someone is sleeping, keep the van clean and keep the farts to a minimum.”

A Pair Of Trainers

“Whatever you’re wearing on stage, wandering around whichever town you’re in (or going on long country walks as we seem to end up doing) is no fun without some sensible footwear.”

Every Kind Of Charging Cable Possible

“For the inevitable time you leave yours in the dressing room despite three idiot checks.”

Air Con In The Van

“It’s gonna get warm in there, whatever time of year it is.”

The Getaway Tour kicks off on April 26 in London. Get tickets and details here.

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