Hollywood Undead’s 2023 Playlist | New Discoveries

Photo: Paige Margulies

As they release the deluxe version of latest album ‘Hotel Kalifornia’, we asked the guys from Hollywood Undead to round up a few of the bands and tracks that they are most excited about right now.

Rancid – ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’

Funny Man: “I dig this new single from Rancid and am stoked to hear more. And they are right, tomorrow never comes, so fuck around and find out punks!” 

Spark Master Tape – ‘Kkasper'

Funny Man: “I love this new album from Spark and I love kicking’ it with ghost and I’m sure a lot of you reading this don’t know who he is, but homeboy right here does it all, producer, rapper, all around musician and goes harder than your homie! Check him out!”

Pierce The Veil – ‘Emergency Contact'

Funny Man: “I saw Rara Knupps post this track on IG in her stories, gave it a listen and I haven’t stopped listening to this album ever since and these foos are Mexican! Viva La Raza!”

Type O Negative – ‘Love You To Death’

J-Dog: “Peter Steele was such an interesting dude. He was in Playgirl, on Jerry Springer, wrote crazy lyrics, was 6’8” tall. Dude was a rockstar but every letter of the word.”

Bad Omens – ‘Death Of Peace Of Mind’

J-Dog:“I really dig the music production on this one. Bad Omens does a good job of blending some sounds and instruments together for a modern rock sound.”

The Amity Affliction – ‘Soak Me In Bleach’

J-Dog:“I liked a few songs from The Amity Affliction but then we saw them at a festival we played. In my opinion this was the best band at the festival, heavy as sh*t and so tight. I recorded some videos side stage and I still go back in my phone and watch them. I met them before the set and I’ve been a fan ever since.”

Jelly Roll

Funny Man & J-Dog: “Jelly Roll is such a cool artist. The way he crosses between country and rock makes for a really cool sound. He’s crushing it lately and our most recent track, ‘House of Mirrors’, features him. ‘House of Mirrors’ is a song of self reflection and redemption. No matter how far you run you can’t escape the person staring back at you in the mirror. One day we all have to face ourselves… and hopefully we can look back and not have to look away at what we see. Go crank it up now!”

‘Hotel Kalifornia’ deluxe edition is available now via BMG.

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