Honey Revenge’s Tour Essentials

Ahead of their support run with The Used across the UK, Honey Revenge’s Devin and Donny tell us about the 10 items they cannot hit the road without.

Headphone Amp

Donny: “At the end of our first year of touring, without a doubt the thing I can’t live without on tour is my little Vox headphone amp. Warming up is super important, and to be able to hear the mistakes I’m making and to iron out the wrinkles before we go on stage has been great for my anxieties and my playing!”

Nail Clippers

Donny: “There’s nothing worse than trying to play a solo and feeling your finger come to an abrupt stop because you forgot to cut your nails. I love long nails, but for guitar i’ve gotta keep them short or playing is way harder than it should be.”

Guitar Cleaner

Donny: “One thing they don’t tell you about tour is just how much you’re gonna sweat on your gear! Our first time in Florida, I sweat so much that my height adjustment screws cemented into the newly rusted bridge; really gross discovery. so now I make sure to clean my guitars every day both in soundcheck and after our set!”

Baby Wipes

Donny: “Tour is super sweaty, and a shower is never guaranteed. We’ve been super lucky recently to play lots of venues with showers, but when they’re not available I will never be above a festival style baby wipe cleanup – the unscented ones are my fav, but they all leave a weird residue that you gotta let dry.”

Unlubricated Condoms

Donny: “I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not what it looks like!! i’m just a sweaty lil guy; on our first tour I sweat through 3 IEM receivers and the only way we could get thru a show without issues was to put the condom on the receiver to keep moisture out of electronics. It’s not really an issue anymore, but we stay prepared just in case.”


Devin: “They’re not just good for snuggles but they come in handy for covering up the seatbelts in the van so you can lie down comfortably. If you have more than one you can use one as a pillow too.”

Throat-Coat Tea

Devin: “I gave up coffee when we started touring so I could get good sleep and not dry out my voice. I have a hot cup of throat coat tea with of course.. lots of honey every morning, even when it’s hot out. It’s got lots of helpful herbs. I usually drink the lemon echinacea flavor.”

A Back Roller

Devin: “I had some back pain before our first tour and didn’t want to risk it getting worse and not being able to perform. We spend a lot of nights sleeping right side up in the van, and on friend’s floors when we crash with them. My back roller is a communal tool for everyone in our camp to help us crack our spines safely.”

Vocal Sprays And Tinctures

Devin: “This is something I didn’t have until a couple of tours in. Ollie from Broadside put me on to using the Voice 37 tincture. It helps soothe my throat and open up my sinuses before we play! When I am on vocal rest (which is often) or if I’m experiencing any soreness or discomfort I use a numbing spray.”

A Journal

Devin: “This is a newer thing for me. I’m not perfect at keeping up with it every day, but I’ve always admired those that can journal regularly . For me it helps after a long day of traveling and gigging to recap on all I’m doing on the road. I think it helps me realize why I’m so tired most days haha. I know it’ll also be exciting to read the entries in the future to see what kind of headspace I was in during our early years as a band.”

Catch Honey Revenge on tour with The Used and The Home Team this December at the dates below:


04 – Manchester – Academy

05 – Glasgow – SWG3 Galvanisers

07 – London – O2 Forum Kentish Town

08 – Bristol – Marble Factory

09 – Birmingham – O2 Academy

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