Lake Malice’s Tour Essentials

Photo by Mike Burnham

Ahead of their upcoming tour with Vukovi and festival slots at Download and 2000 Trees, we asked Blake Cornwall from Lake Malice about the 10 items they simply cannot hit the road without.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

“There’s very little peace and quiet on tour but once you pop them in you can shut your eyes and feel like you’re almost transported to a place of peace. I can’t recommend these enough. I use the Bose Quiet Comfort earbuds but most of the guys have Apple EarPods.”

Travel Pillow

“Sleep is SO important if you want to survive a long gruelling tour. Napping whilst sitting upright in a van is an essential skill you have to learn. The neck support from those bendy travel pillows is very welcomed after a serious night of head banging.”

Photo by Claire Hodgkins

Eye Mask

“We often end up trying to get sleep at super weird times of the day, so, as with the pillow, this is essential for daytime napping!”


“Healthy eating can be impossible on some days, and we’ve learnt that just eating fast food everyday will mess you up very fast.”

Battery Pack For Your Phone/Laptop

“There is nothing to do in the van except doom scroll, catch up on emails and pray the next service station has decent coffee. So you need to try and make sure you always have charge available for all the devices.”

Unlimited Data Package

“Don’t be that one person rinsing everyone’s hotspot all day.”

Comfy Clothing

“There can be very little in the way of comfort when on tour so you gotta relax any way you can and clothing can be a way to do that. Slippers are a good shout.”

Photo by Pearl Cook

Nintendo Switch

“Providing we remember to bring the extra controller, everyone can get involved with Mario Kart or something equally chaotic and frustrating.”

Swimming Outfit

“Spontaneous spa visits on days off are a must.”

Emergency Food Stash

“You’ve just finished the show, it’s 1am and all the restaurants are shut. Super-noodles it is then!”

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