Meet Me @ The Altar’s Tour Essentials

As they prepare for their UK live shows taking place this August, we asked Meet Me @ The Altar to round up 10 essential items that they simply cannot hit the road without.

Photos by Penelope Martinez.


Edith: “I’m always DIYING my clothes on the road and reworking my stage outfits. It’s so stressful when I need to make a last minute alteration and have to ask around for a pair. Mysteriously it seems to be the hardest item to source when we’re at a venue, so now I bring my own.”

Lint Roller

Téa: “We cannot be caught being linty when we wear all black all the time. Pretty self-explanatory. We gotta feel good about how we look on stage.”

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

“So we can always get into the right headspace no matter where we are. The van isn’t always the most relaxing environment and it’s important to be able to tune out on tour to relax or meditate when you’re with a big group of people.”


“Caffeine is the key to survival on the road with late load outs and early drives. It is our very first stop every morning and is absolutely a non negotiable.”

Neutrogena Make Up Wipes

“When we can’t get to bathrooms right away and don’t want to sleep with makeup on. We’re constantly traveling between different clients and dry hotel rooms, so when we don’t have time for a full skincare routine we can at least wash and moisturize!”

Emergen C

“To keep the immune system kicking so we can fight off the tour plague for as long as possible!”

Nespresso Machine

“We took it out on the last tour and it was a game changer.  Heavy to lug around, but a game changer nonetheless.”


“So we keep our pants up on stage – multipurpose so it goes with any outfit. To be honest, there is no more important fashion staple for us than that.”

Taco Bell Gift Cards

“Shout-out to the TB team for keeping us fed on the road. It’s the only place open after load out and also just reliably our favorite.”

Our Own Pillow

“It helps you feel at home when we’re going from hotel to hotel.”

Meet Me @ The Altar will hit the UK this August to support MUNA and play Reading & Leeds Festival.

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