RedHook’s Emmy Mack’s Favourite Bands | New Discoveries

From Yours Truly and The Faim to PhaseOne, Emmy shouts out a few of her current favourite artists on the scene.

RedHook are set to release their debut album ‘Postcard From A Living Hell’ this Friday (April 21), so we caught up with vocalist Emmy Mack to find out what bands she has been listening to lately in our new feature series, New Discoveries.

Read on to hear all about her current faves and maybe hear something you haven’t come across before…


“This Sydney-born, LA-based producer has carved himself a unique and formidable niche, unleashing crunchy EDM bangers that hit heavier than a titanium meteor shower. One part dubstep-rave, one part apocalyptic mosh pit, Phase’s music is stacked with collabs feat. some of the biggest metalcore acts from both Australia and the world, including Northlane, Polaris and ERRA. Keep an ear out for his new single ‘Gangrene’ (featuring some, uh, familiar faces) dropping this May ;).”

Samurai Pizza Cats

“Welcome to “catcore”! This German-based band is the beautifully bonkers side-project of Electric Callboy guitarist Daniel Haniß. Like Callboy, these rabid riff-kitties create genre-bending and chaotic electronic-fuelled metalcore with a fun, theatrical twist. But instead of wigs & porn ‘staches, expect an added layer of aggression and claws-out deathcore savagery… especially if you accidentally put pineapple on their pizza.”

Yours Truly

“Chances are these Sydney legends are already on your radar, but if they’re not, then let’s fix that right now! Yours Truly broke out of the Aussie pop-punk bubble years ago and have become much-loved regulars on the UK/EU touring circuit. They’re one of my favourite up-and-coming rock bands and whether you tap into their catalogue via the life-affirming pop-punk of their roots or the darker, edgier alt-rock they’ve been serving up of late, the strength and beauty of their songwriting remains undeniable. You can also hear Mikaila bringing the magic on our recent collab, ‘Imposter’.”

Down And Out

“Here’s a band you probably haven’t heard of, but should definitely get your eardrums around if you consider pop-punk music to be your #1 jam. Hailing from the underdog city of Adelaide, Australia, these dudes are pretty fresh faces on the scene but have been rapidly making waves with their infectiously grungey, pop-punk anthems delivered with world-class production by the big-dog himself, Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, RedHook). If you froth on acts like Neck Deep, All Time Low or The Story So Far, then definitely do yourself a solid and give these guys a go.”

Sly Withers

“If you’ve taken RedHook’s saxophone-inflected pop-punk bop ‘Soju’ for a spin, then you might have wondered who that charismatic, unmistakably Australian croon in verse 2 belongs to. That, mate, is Jono Mata from Perth band Sly Withers. They’re one of the biggest acts getting round Australia right now, dominating radio and selling out huge venues around the country. This was such a fun crossover for both of us because Sly are best known for their earnest, uplifting indie-rock balladry. Doing a full-on pop-punk song was pretty much uncharted territory, but we’re beyond stoked with how it turned out! If you dug it too, then chances are you’ll also vibe Sly’s’ signature sound. Go check ‘em out.”

The Faim

“Goddamn, The Faim are one talented band. For context, their home in the West Australian capital of Perth is kinda like the forgotten ginger stepchild of the Australian music scene. Over 2,000 miles (3,300 km) away from Sydney, artists from the city are often fatally hamstrung by geography. But The Faim have seriously kicked that trend in the ass. The strength of their songwriting and live show has catapulted them out of the remote city to become a global band, working with legends like super-producer John Feldmann, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun, becoming mainstays on the European summer festival circuit and headlining their own shows across Australia and Europe. Their 2022 album ‘Talk Talk’ was stacked with exhilarating sonic gems, combining 80’s synth-pop sparkle with arena rock ambition, it’s a smorgasbord of huge choruses, soulful hooks and vulnerable storytelling. We were also lucky enough to have Josh [Raven, vocalist] feature on one of the RedHook LP tracks that’s most special to my heart, ‘Inarticulate’.”

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