This Is What Void Of Vision’s ‘CHRONICLES’ EP Series Represents

Void of Vision have spent the last year releasing their most challenging and cathartic music to date. This is what it means to them.

Void Of Vision have just released the third and final part of their ‘CHRONICLES’ EP series via UNFD.

‘UNDERWORLD’ is the most leftfield and daring piece of the project, delving into the murky depths of electronic music in a way that the band have always threatened. But it also rounds off a period of incredible experimentation and expansion, now finding them at their most bold and brilliant.

It is an incredible feat in heavy music, and one that sets them up for the future in an astonishing way.

To find out more about what each chapter represents to them, we sat down with vocalist Jack Bergin and discussed how the process has changed him.


“I was angry when we were making this EP. Everything that was going on around us writing this made me a very angry person. In the same way, it made a lot of people in the world feel that way too. We all had the same problem going on, but we also had our own individual battles going on as well.

“We were in a world where it felt like nothing was there for you. I wanted to set this all up by getting all that feeling off my chest before I even started approaching what was coming. That baptised by fire angle really worked out for us, because we threw every bit of aggression and energy you expect from Void Of Vision into those songs.”

“Coming off the back of the creative endeavours, the deluxe version of ‘Hyperdaze’ was very much a different idea with so many features that made the songs so different, cementing the fact that we never want to put out the same thing twice ever again. So we really wanted to start off in a way where people needed help to guess what would be coming after. Something super heavy and super harsh that gives not a lot away apart from the title. I think we did quite well at that.

“And it’s not like we are leaving this side of us behind at all. We will touch on it again. This is our roots, where we came from, and what we always want to represent in a way. We just now know there are different ways to express heaviness beyond just tuning our guitars to Drop Fuck.”


“This EP was me finding my comfortability. It was actually a very weird period of my when we were coming into it. It was a swing of ways with my love life and close family. Everything was changing around me. There were health issues arising as well that I had never had to deal with before. For example, I was losing all of my hair as I now have Alopecia and had to become instantly and completely comfortable within my own skin, basically. That’s where some of the fun with ‘Into The Dark’ came in with the feather eyes because I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t have eyebrows anymore.

“There was a lot of exploration in this EP, much like this whole project is about exploring yourself. From looking to the Berlin club scene to falling in love, it was about finding your own Heaven and a world that you are comfortable in. It’s about euphoria and getting that feeling across to as many people as possible. Playing these songs now and seeing crowds embrace it as something brand new for Void Of Vision, mainly in how it was presented and how we could all share it, is really special to us.”

“That was the tip of the iceberg in a lot of ways for me. This was the moment where we could see that it was working for us and gave us a reward we hadn’t really had from music before. The idea that what we were making could be transferred to our own personal beliefs and satisfaction. It’s truly amazing to be here, and without that confidence, there was no way we would have been able to venture into anything like what the next EP represents.

“Going to America for the first time and meeting people where this comfortability has transferred to them is insane. To see it hit in places that I wouldn’t expect, on the other side of the world, is everything and much more. Despite being so broad, alternative music has the same heart, and that’s why we can all share these moments in the way we do. The same energy at a YUNGBLUD concert as there is at a Knocked Loose concert. It’s all connected.”


“You can’t look over your shoulder once you are in this deep. That’s an ethos that we have been feeding off for the whole series, but the most when it comes to what this EP is. What we have done with this EP is something that we have always wanted to do deep down. Our roots are as much in electronic music as they are in heavy music. The idea of marrying these two sounds in this way has been something that has stuck with us for a long time.

“We have incorporated elements throughout our last few bodies of work, but this is what it means to peep behind the curtain and look at the mechanics of a Void Of Vision song. This sound is how we write music, and when we strip everything back and beef it up to 11, that’s where the idea of heavy and electronic music being not too dissimilar shines through. The cultures that lie within both of those cultures are so scarily similar. The whole aim of this was to expose people to a world where the two are precisely the same thing. With any amount of passion, you can pour your heart into any music, and it will come across as however heavy you want it to be.”

“To be able to experiment in this way has been such a joy, and from now on, we want to put out every experimental side of Void Of Vision that we can. To be able to encapsulate all of that with this last part of this project shows off the full extent of what we can delve into. We’re not scared to do anything anymore, and we are so ready to see where that attitude takes us.

“ASMR’ is the first song we wrote for this project, and it started as a heavy track. You can now see just how far it has travelled, and it is so cool to personally look back on that journey and the potential of that journey. It’s been such a successful ride.

“No band starts out saying that they are going to change the world. If you’re going to create something that pushes the boundaries and inspires people to try new things, it will be by accident. But the intent has to be there. You aren’t going out there to change the whole shape of music to come, you’re just doing whatever feels natural to you. And what felt natural to us was showing a world where these two musical worlds can exist as one.

“To be at this point and to know that people feel safe at our shows and want to be a part of this Void Of Vision would be because they feel like it is a place where they can express themselves and be safe. Not feel like the overbearing weight of mental health, and the disgustingly heavy elements of our world are out to get us in that place. I pride myself on that and our community because it has been truly special to create such an experience for people.”

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