Veil Of Maya’s Favourite Bands Of 2023 | New Discoveries

Photo: Paige Margulies

Fresh from the release of their latest album ‘[m]other’, we asked Veil Of Maya to round up a few of the bands they have recently discovered and are inspired by, from Static Dress to Better Lovers and more.

Slay Squad

“Slay Squad accomplishes what so many bands have tried to do. While mixing Rap, Metal and a multitude of other genres,  Slay Squad pulls them all off seamlessly and authentically. This band is multitalented and their DIY attitude inspires me greatly.”


“I am biased for this band and song because they asked me to cowrite it with them. I love how it turned out and I love everyone involved with this project. Writing this song with JYNX and Zach Jones is what kicked off the new Veil of Maya record and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Better Lovers

“This is a supergroup coming out at the perfect time. It’s very exciting to see such seasoned veterans get a brand new start. I am inspired. This makes me want to rock.”


“A lot of long time homies in this band. It’s very hard to make it out of France playing this kind of music and I can’t want to see what happens with these guys. Insanely talented, sweet and good-looking french/english boys playing fight music.”

Static Dress

“I am new to this band but an instant fan. I have always been very particular with this kind of music and I feel like Static Dress does it right and with the perfect amount of mystery. Can’t wait to see what’s next for them.”

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