All Time Low Release New Track ‘Sleepwalking’

All Time Low have shared their first new music of 2022, and it’s a dreamy one.

All Time Low have shared a new track, their first of 2022.

It’s called ‘Sleepwalking’ and finds the band in atmospheric waters, with nostalgic synths and dreamy melodies crossing over each other wonderfully.

Vocalist Alex Gaskarth had this to say about it:

“Sleepwalking is a reflection on time spent away from whatever it is that makes you feel alive, on time lost to the weight of dragging feet and drifting thoughts. As we were working on this song, we considered our place in a changing world– We realised just how affected we were as individuals by time spent away from our most familiar life-lines, and how grateful we are now to come together with those people, places and things… our friends, families, touring, shows, art and the energy and perspective that comes with real, raw connection.

Our time spent away from our most beloved dreams felt like being on cruise-control, going through the motions in a trance. We are so grateful to be here now, sharing this song, this sentiment, this energy, and most of all this band with you. Thank you for being here and for being with us as we continue this journey together.”

Here it is:

The band announced that they are going to be playing a massive one-off show at London’s OVO Arena Wembley next year.

That’s on March 17 and tickets are available from right HERE

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