ANGER PARTY Release Huge Debut Track ‘Eat You Alive’

ANGER PARTY are kicking off their story in style with their debut single, and it’s a belter.

Hey everybody, meet ANGER PARTY.

With their members previously being a part of Kill The Ideal, this is a clean slate and fresh start for what is already shaping up to be an exciting prospect on the UK rock scene.

You only have to listen to their debut single to see that.

That debut single is ‘Eat You Alive’, a crushing and cathartic piece of caustic noise that rip and shreds via a series of crunching riffs and haunting melodies.

It marches to its own beat before gripping at your throat and squeezing. It’s an amazing place to begin.

And the video will leave you in a spin.

Guitarist Owen Claxton had this to say about it all:

“Blood, guts, flayed flesh and a shattered smile – these are the things that plague our minds. ‘Eat You Alive’ explores the surreal, menacing corners of our nightmares and how they breach the lines of reality in a modern world.”

Here we gooooo:

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