As It Is’ Patty Walters Shares Message With Fans: “Music Is Not Currently At The Forefront Of My Life”

Patty Walters has shared a message with fans tonight (January 17), discussing his current plans and confirming that “music is not currently at the forefront of my life”.

The As It Is frontman posted on Instagram, thanking fans for their continued support. The band last released new music in early 2022 with the album ‘I Went To Hell And Back’.

Walters wrote “Thank you for the countless comments and questions I’ve received these past few years. Thank you for being curious but kind, and while I’ve been privately searching my heart, thank you if you kept a space for me in yours.”

He continues “It will come as no surprise to hear that music is not currently at the forefront of my life. I’m not yet ready for that to change. However, I’ll join you in looking forward to that changing in the future, and one day enjoying past and future musical endeavours with you.”

He concluded by saying “I’m so proud of the choices I’ve made, the relationships I’ve chosen to nurture, and the values I’ve let guide me. I’m proud to have shaped the community that’s orbited my life for the past decade – a community that embodies sincerity, artistic integrity, inclusivity, and love without agenda. I’m proud of who I’ve been, but I’m especially proud of who I’ve become.”

You can read the full message below:

As It Is have released four studio albums, with 2018’s ‘The Great Depression’ hitting the UK Top 40 and producing the single ‘The Stigma (Boy’s Don’t Cry)’.

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