Ashton Irwin Reveals Details Of Second Solo Album ‘Blood On The Drums’

Ashton Irwin has unveiled details of his second solo album ‘Blood On The Drums’, set for full release on July 17.

Image credit: Ryan Fleming

The new LP will be released in two instalments with Side 1, ‘The Thorns’, consisting of the first eight tracks being available on June 12; Side 2, ‘The Roses’, will complete the album and be available July 17.

All 16 tracks on the project – which marks the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Superbloom’ LP – will arrive with a video component.

To mark the news, the 5 Seconds of Summer drummer has unveiled the record’s first single ‘Straight To Your Heart’, an 80s new wave infused single.

The new track is one of 12 tracks written and produced alongside 5SOS collaborator and rock veteran John Feldmann, whose credits also include Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte and many more.

Have a listen to the new track via its cinematic video below.

Speaking about the ‘Blood On The Drums’ project – which Ashton has titled as such to be “a metaphor for how much I’ve given my music” – the musician has said:

“I love to make full length albums but also the idea of the listener digesting it in two parts initially, forming their own interpretation. 

“It’s important to me as a fan of music to have a comprehensive body of work to fully dig into the artist’s perspective.”

“I was thinking about the people I left behind, the people I miss, the family that I had to leave when I was young. Thinking about the addictions I’ve been through. The way I evolved as a young man who never had a father.

“Thinking about my personal strength and knowing that generally speaking no one else has my back but me and becoming someone that I have to be for the rest of my life.”

Check out the full ‘Blood On The Drums’ tracklisting and album artwork below.

The Thorns (EP available June 12):

  1. Straight To Your Heart
  2. Breakup
  4. I See The Angels
  5. Lose You
  6. Rebel at Heart
  7. Last Night Of My Life
  8. Indestructible

The Roses (available July 17 to complete the album)

  1. The Canyon
  2. California Holds Her Breath
  3. Little Spark
  4. Wicked Habit
  5. Marry You
  6. Glory Days
  7. Wild Things
  8. Endless Wave

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