Banks Arcade Announce ‘A Muse’ EP Via Swaggering New Single ‘Heartstop’

Banks Arcade have shared news of their forthcoming EP ‘A Muse’, unveiling swaggering new single ‘Heartstop’.

Their brand new EP will arrive on June 28 via UNFD, evolving from the darker sides of the Melbourne-based quartet explored on their recent ‘DEATH 2’ EP.

Serving as a companion to the band’s candid single ‘Self Help’, released earlier this year, ‘Heartstop’ is a guitar-driven breakup anthem of epic proportions.

Here’s what the band had to say about their latest single:

“Heartstop is a sassy breakup rock anthem.

“It’s got a bit of ‘f*** you’ to it, but really it’s just a fun song that was made to make people dance and forget about that asshole that broke their heart.”

Check it out via its official visualiser below.

Speaking more broadly on their forthcoming EP, the band have shared: 

“‘A Muse’ follows on from ‘DEATH 2’ in a much more vulnerable way. It covers a lot of personal issues from relationships to internal struggles and in each song I tried to speak with my own voice as much as possible as opposed to the more abstract stuff on ‘DEATH 2’.”    

Check out the artwork and tracklisting for ‘A Muse’ below.

1) Alive
2) Heartstop
3) Faded AF
4) Lost Cause
5) No Future
6) Self Help

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