Belmont Share Details Of Third Album ‘Liminal’

Belmont have unveiled details of their forthcoming album ‘Liminal’, which is set to arrive April 12 via Pure Noise Records.

The new LP will be the Chicago outfit’s third, following 2021’s ‘Aftermath’ and their 2018 self-titled debut.

It will feature previous Belmont single ‘SSX Trickmont’.

As an indication of what’s to come on the record, the band have today shared the new album’s title track, which arrives with a Michael Herrick-directed video – have a listen and a watch below.

The band’s vocalist Taz Johnson has unpacked some of the lyrical substance of the new track, sharing:

“Much like life, our thoughts are a series of never ending transitions with no start or finish, a cycle we never escape. 

“Learn to find comfort in what never was, cuz it will always be.”

The full project is said to offer an expansion on Belmont’s early pop-punk roots and – as demonstrated by the title track – whilst its sound is largely upbeat, the lyrics take on stories of inner turmoil and reflection, with Johnson adding:

“‘Liminal’ as the title for our third record is meant to be an escape to a different world.

“It’s a nostalgic longing for a place that doesn’t really exist, but you wish you were there.”

See the full ‘Liminal’ album artwork and tracklisting below.

1. SSX Trickmont

2. Two’s A Party

3. Liminal

4. Day By Day

5. Moxie

6. Dark Paradise

7. All Bite


9. Counterfeit

10. N2

11. Play Pretend

12. I Don’t Really Care

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