BLACKGOLD Release Huge New Track ‘On Another Level’

BLACKGOLD look to bring back what music used to mean with their new manifesto of a track.

The first chapter of BLACKGOLD is complete. Now it’s first for Chapter Two.

And that begins with ‘On Another Level’.

A song that is as much a celebration of nu-metal as it is a call for its sound and attitude to return in a big way right now, performed with thoughtfulness and razor-sharp edge.

It’s a manifesto of sorts, setting out what we can come to expect from BLACKGOLD in the future, and the levels that they are trying to reach. It’s a statement and a half, and one that will sit with you long after it has faded away.

The band had this to say about it:

“‘On Another Level’ is a homage to the kings of Nu Metal and a dig at the joke music has become. BLACKGOLD writes music that feels true to who we are and what we represent as a unit. We are sick of seeing all the narcissism and ego that is being pumped into music and we want to strip it all back and just make damn good tunes.”

And here we go:

It follows on from the band’s debut EP ‘BLACKGOLD’.

Here’s ‘It’s Art’, the song that started it all:

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