blink-182 Are Up To Something

blink-182 have done some clearing out of their socials, so it looks like something is afoot.

blink-182 appear to be up to something.

The band have cleared their Instagram of all posts, and changed their iconic logo to black, the same that can be found on the cover of their Greatest Hits.

And if you go onto the band’s website, their bunny mascot can be found tapping his foot and reporting ‘HARD AT WORK! CHECK BACK SOON’

And if that wasn’t enough, Reddit users have pointed out that billboards and posters have started popping up around the world for 182 Industries.

This is for ‘Edging Services Worldwide’ and has the slogan ‘Your Future Is Cumming…In The Blink Of An Eye’.


So yeah. It looks as though it’s all happening. So keep those eyes open.

The band released their last piece of music back in 2020 in the form of ‘Quarantine’.

That sounded like this:

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