Mark Hoppus Came Up With The Opening Of ‘What’s My Age Again?’ By Trying To Learn Green Day’s ‘J.A.R’

This is such a great little story. 

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places, and you never know when it’s going to hit. 

For blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, it came from messing up as he played around with one of his favourite songs. 

On the latest episode of Chris Demakes A Podcast, where Less Than Jakes’ Chris DeMake interviews bands about their songs, Mark descontructs ‘What’s My Age Again?’, and it turns out the iconic opening riff came off the back of him learning his favourite Green Day song…

“I’ll tell you where the origin of the song was. There’s a Green Day song called ‘J.A.R’ that’s on the Angus soundtrack. It starts off with this bass intro that’s really rad. I was messing around on a guitar trying to learn that and kind of messed the progression and played it incorrectly and thought, ‘Oh that sounds kind of cool’. That was the basis for the opening riff of the song.”

So from trying to learn this bassline:

We got this:

How brilliant is that?

You can check out the full podcast right here:

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