blink-182’s New Album Is Coming “In A Few Months”

blink-182 have all offered up their own little update on their upcoming new album. You should be excited.

Following their huge announcement of their reunion with Tom DeLonge earlier this year, blink-182 have been spending their time working on their new album.

And each member has given their own unique take on what is to come.

First up, Tom has declared that the album will be “Coming in a few months”

Then Travis Barker has been working on drums, with his drum tech showing off his kit and adding a bit of context.

“I’ve been in the studio all week working on the new @blink182 Album w/ @travisbarker & it’s coming out awesome! I really think Blink fans are going to love it. This post is for my fellow drum geeks. Here are some cool new toys we used yesterday. @zildjiancompany Turbine cymbals & amazing sounding @dwdrums True Cast 8×14 snare drum #11 out of 25 If you can find 1 & can afford it it’s a must have.”

And Travis has shown off him recording ‘Anthem Pt. 3’. Oh yeah, it’s happening:

And finally, Mark has shown off some lyrics that he has been working on. And when it comes to blink, you can never tell if it’s going to be real or not:

Either way, there is SO much to be excited about.

To tide you over for now, here’s ‘EDGING’:

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