Bob Vylan Release Sentimental New Track ‘The Delicate Nature’

Bob Vylan dive in on the fragility of life and the decisions we make due to their fragility in their new track, featuring Slaves’ Laurie Vincent.

Bob Vylan have released a new track, serving as the follow-up to this year’s full-length ‘Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life’.

And it’s a big and vital one.

It’s called ‘The Delicate Nature’ and is a raw, stalking piece of modern punk that has been made in collaboration with Slaves’ Laurie Vincent who adds a gravely intensity to proceedings.

Yet the track focuses more on the fragility of this life we have, and how one split-second decision can change the course of that life for yourself and those around you.

Bobby Vylan had this to say about it all:

The Delicate Nature came about when me and Laurie were bouncing ideas back and forth and he sent over a rough draft of the beat and something just clicked. This idea of life being a fleeting moment that can end or change at any moment is something that I have attempted to dissect so often in my life. Watching people make split second decisions that impact their lives forever is something I’ve always found incredibly fascinating. When I look back at my life I realise how some of the decisions I made could have landed me in places that would have taken away my freedom, my autonomy or my health but I’m also able to see how some of those same decisions equipped me with skills that allowed me to better myself, my life and help me grow as an individual.”

“As far as the musicality of the song goes, creating with Laurie took me out of my comfort zone. His ability to transition between melodic phrases and growling riffs made me reassess how I write and structure my music. Just like the subject matter of the song, the music changes, sometimes suddenly and that’s what I enjoy most about this song, the uncertainty of what turn it might take next.”

And Laurie added this:

The Delicate Nature flew into being. Bob and I struck up such an instinctive workflow that it was like writing and creating with someone I’d known for years. This song if a whole other level. It channels all the immediacy and fury we’ve come to associate with Bob’s music, while accessing something new. Sometimes melodic, sometimes catchy but never compromising.”

We caught up with the duo at 2000trees this Summer, which you can check out below:

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