BONES UK Drop Deadly New Track ‘MILK’

BONES UK are back, and they have dirt under their fingernails on their new track.

BONES UK are back with a new track, and it’s a gritty one.

The duo have shared ‘MILK’, a dark and deadly piece of crunchy, defiant alt-rock that fizzles with insatiable attitude and smoky atmospheres.

It’s a return to the roots of the band in many ways, but also a path for the future.

Rosie Bones had this to say about it:

“Over the past few years I made the decision to do everything I can to feel as free as possible, and ‘Milk’ encapsulates that freedom,” says Rosie. “It’s about the aftermath of hard times, the flower growing out of the dirt, the feeling of joy in the face of uncertainty and pain.”

And she has this to say about the awesome video:

“The blood of the beginnings of this band is in this video. The pubs we had pees in during the shoot were filled with people Carmen and I both knew. We walked next to Hampstead Heath where we sat on a rug and wrote ‘Beautiful Is Boring’. Music can take you many magical places and to thousands of cities, but it’s good sometimes to go home and remember why you started, who you are, and what’s important.”

It follows on from ‘Cheap Love’, which sounds a lot like this:

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