Boston Manor Share Pulsating New Track ‘Crocus’

Ahead of the release of their new album ‘Datura’, Boston Manor have dropped more stunning track.

Boston Manor are hours away from releasing their new album ‘Datura’, yet have still found time to share one more taste before the full meal arrives.

And once again, they lap themselves in terms of innovation and attitude.

The track is called ‘Crocus’ and bristles with dark energy embodied in pulsating synths and throbbing bass.

It’s beautifully bleak and wonderfully sneering and feels like another step up for a band that have no sign of slowing down.

Vocalist Henry Cox had this to say about it:

Crocus is a song we’ve been trying to write for years. We always used to joke about writing a song that could be played in that club in The Matrix. I think this has been our best attempt, & we tried to portray that in the video.

We’re very proud of both the song and the video, which was directed by our long time collaborator Zak Pinchin and choreographed by Kate Hannah & her team who managed to put together the full routine in only ten days.

We’re going to be playing it live for the first time this week & I’m really looking forward to it.”

Here is that stunning visual:

‘Datura’ will also feature ‘Inertia’:

And ‘Passenger’:

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