Boy Destroy Releases Thoughful New Track ‘Two Faces’

Boy Destroy is back with another dark and delirious piece of alt-pop.

Boy Destroy is in the middle of a new era and delivering some of his catchiest and most thoughtful work to date.

That comes in the form of ‘Two Faces’, an infectious and intricate piece of alt-pop brimming with intelligence and intensity.

It’s a step into new waters whilst keeping the darkness of their early work still at the forefront.

Boy Destroy had this to say about it:

“This is a story about duality. That which lives beneath the surface. Wanting to do good but feeling drawn to the morbid and to the dark. I reference the movie “Pet Sematary” in the first verse. I draw a parallel to that unwavering lust for excitement and chaos that never ceases to cause suffering for those around to witness it.”

And here it is:

It follows on from ‘Self-Immaculation’, which sounds like this:

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