Bring Me The Horizon To Drop ‘POST HUMAN: NEX GEN’ Album At Midnight Tonight

Bring Me The Horizon will drop their hugely-awaited ‘POST HUMAN: NEX GEN’ album at midnight tonight (Friday, May 24).

Bring Me The Horizon

The hype around the album has been immense, especially after its original release date of September 15 was pushed back, with Oli Sykes saying at the time:

“I was hoping despite the setbacks we could pull it off in time for you guys but there’s still so many little details I want to be perfect and until it’s nailed I’m just not willing to give it to you guys.”

And now is the time Oli and co. feel it’s ready, after they posted a teaser video for the album, along with the message:

“BMTH invites you to Ascend!+ POST HUMAN: NeX GEn [out midnight 24.05]”

The release of ‘POST HUMAN: NEX GEN’ of course follows Bring Me The Horizon’s huge arena tour at the start of the year.

Writing for Rock Sound in our review of the band’s Sheffield homecoming show at Utilita Arena, writer Rishi Shah wrote:

“As we eagerly await the arrival of ‘POST HUMAN: NeX GEN’, tonight’s homecoming is a timely reminder that they will go down in history as the band of this generation.”

Well, now, the wait is finally over.

What’s more, the arrival of BMTH’s album tonight coincides with the release of Twenty One Pilots' equally-hyped ‘Clancy’ LP, which faced a delay of its own, albeit of just one week.

You can still get your ‘Clancy’ digital album and poster pack, with exclusive images from Twenty One Pilot’s recent intimate live show at London’s Electric Ballroom, via the Rock Sound store here.

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