Bury Tomorrow Release Devastating New Track ‘Boltcutter’

Bury Tomorrow have shared the second piece of their upcoming record, ‘The Seventh Sun’, and it is something else.

Bury Tomorrow have continued their descent into the dark with a new track, pulled from their upcoming full-length ‘The Seventh Sun’.

It’s called ‘Boltcutter’ and finds them playing with atmosphere and melody once again, crafting a destructive and dizzying piece of metalcore mayhem.

It’s haunting, heavy and harrowing, and batters and bruises from all angles. With each passing day, this new chapter of the band feels more and more special.

Guitarist Kristan Dawson had this to say:

From the second we put the finishing touches to Boltcutter, we knew it had to be a single. Whilst it is a fundamental Bury Tomorrow track, being both loud and heavy, it also emphasises the new era of our band.”

“Specifically, it highlights influences we haven’t necessarily channelled through Bury Tomorrow before, and it’s a pleasure to continue to expand the possibilities of our music. It began its existence through Tom crafting the foundations, with an ambient and electronic soundscape, before the rest of the band provided their usual expertise.”

You can check out the video, directed by Matt Sears and continuing the story set out in the ‘Abandon Us’ visual, here:

‘The Seventh Sun’ is set to be released on March 31 2023 via Music For Nations.

Here is ‘Abandon Us’:

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