Cage Fight Highlight Their Track ‘Eating Me Alive’ For World Mental Health Day

Cage Fight’s rallying call for looking after your mental health features one of the final recorded appearances from The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strand.

Cage Fight are doing their bit for World Mental Health Day by highlighting one of their most vital tracks.

That track is ‘Eating Me Alive’, a song that speaks candidly about the struggles that come with living with mental health issues on a daily basis. It’s a brutal, in both subject and sound, release that represents so much.

And it also features the late Trevor Strand of The Black Dahlia Murder, who passed away earlier this year.

Vocalist Rachel Aspe has spoken about how important Trevor was to the band coming to exist:

“Over COVID I was looking for a new project and releasing covers for something to do, but also to hopefully connect with other musicians. When I released my cover of ‘Statutory Ape’, Trevor picked up on it and shared from The Black Dahlia Murder's pages, and it got a lot of attention. Trevor messaged me to say he loved it, and hoped that I’d find a band off the back of the cover. Not long after James [Monteith, guitar] contacted me about Cage Fight and the rest is history.

“Had it not been for Trevor’s support Cage Fight may never have happened; it was a huge honour to have him guest on this song and it meant the world to us. He was one of the greatest supporters of the scene and new music, and is truly missed. RIP Trevor“.

And bassist Jon Reid had this to add about the song’s meaning:

“‘Eating Me Alive’ is about the day-to-day struggles and challenges with mental health that are so prominent to so many people and how the sorrow and loneliness can have a tangible effect. This is something personal to us and we wanted to let people know that they are not alone. We can all have these feelings and that most importantly there is help out there, and we can all find something special.”

“We have chosen to release this on World Mental Health day as a sign of solidarity.”

Here it is:

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