Can’t Swim Release Heart-Wrenching New Track

Can’t Swim’s new track ‘I Heard They Found You Face Down Inside Your Living Room” is a difficult but beautiful listen.

Can’t Swim are back with a new track, and it’s a special one.

It’s called ‘I Heard They Found You Face Down Inside Your Living Room’ and is a brutally honest and heart-wrenching account of receiving the worst news possible, delivered in a beautifully rousing and classically Can’t Swim way.

It’s heavy but heartfelt and a vital step forward for the band.

Vocalist Chris LoPorto had this to say about it:

“I heard they found you face down inside your living room” is a song about the time I received a phone call that one of my friends had committed suicide.The lyrics describe not being able to fathom living without them. the confusion, regret and resentment have sat heavy in my heart for a long time but writing this song has given me some sort of solace and relief. Obviously, a very dark song but I hope it can provide some sort of comfort to others who have gone through this similar circumstance.”

Here it is, with a unique video:

It’s the first music from the band since the release of their full-length ‘Change Of Plans’.

Here’s ‘To Heal at All, You Have to Feel It All’:

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