Charlotte Sands Releases Atmospheric New Track ‘Alright’

Charlotte Sands is picking up where she left off last year with another huge track.

Charlotte Sands continues to show why she is one of the scene’s most compelling new stars with a new track, her first of 2023.

It’s called ‘Alright’ and it is just beautiful.

An honest and heartfelt take on feeling overwhelmed in a world that feels like it’s out to get us, but finding the way to feel content instead of cured, it’s a rousing, atmospheric and vital piece of modern pop-rock wonderfulness.

It will get under your skin and stay there, and this is still only the beginning.

Charlotte had this to say about it:

‘Alright’ is about having hope when it feels nearly impossible and forcing yourself to see the light at the end of the tunnel, holding onto even the slightest chance that it will get better. We wrote this song with the hope that it could remind even one person that life does go on and nothing is forever. The future can be so daunting especially in times of uncertainty, and it can so often feel like you’re stuck without a way out, but this song is a sign to keep moving forward because it will get better.”

Let’s go then:

It follows on from ‘Tantrum’ which sounds like this:

She also recently teamed up with MOD SUN on ‘SEXOXO’:

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