Cherie Amour Announce New Album ‘Spiritual Ascension

Cherie Amour are everything you could ever want from a band, and they are ready to share their debut full-length album with you.

Cherie Amour have been causing a stir ever since their inception in 2021, and they are gearing up to keep that stir going. 

The band have revealed the details of their debut album ‘Spiritual Ascension’ which will be released on November 04 via Equal Vision.

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Welcome
02. On Deck
03. Sin City
04. Low n Lean
05. Letting Go
06. Mind’s Eye
07. Love’s Not Your Thing
08. God Be A Woman
09. Spiritual Ascension
10. Losing Control
11. In My Head 

They’ve shared a new track too. It’s ‘Letting Go’, an incredible feat of emotional, genre-defying songwriting.

Vocalist Trey Miller had this to say about it:

“This was one of the first demos we did that I knew had to be on the album. When Ronnie and I were living together in Baltimore last year, he actually made the initial beat on Ableton and played it for me later that night while we were out on the balcony chiefing and I immediately got to writing. It was that point in the pandemic when I was getting really tired of not being able to go out dancing so I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of being inside one of my favorite bars in Baltimore called ‘The Charles’. Me and one of my best friends would go there almost weekly.”

It’s awesome, let’s go:

You can also hear ‘Sin City’ now:

As you can ‘Love’s Not Your Thing’:

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