City and Colour Release Heartbreaking New Track ‘Meant To Be’

Dallas Green is back with some more City and Colour magic, and it is an elegy for a friend who is no longer here.

Dallas Green has shared a new track under his wonderful City and Colour moniker, and it’s a bit of a tearjerker.

The song is called ‘Meant To Be’, and serves as an elegy for a friend who is no longer here.

That friend is longtime City and Colour producer Karl Bareham, whom Dallas was informed had drowned off Australia’s Gold Coast whilst the band was on a tour there in 2019.

After being asked to identify him at the morgue, a moment that Dallas states was, “the hardest moment I’ve had in my entire life. It changed me forever”, he penned this song which is full of raw and yearning feeling for his departed brother.

It’s heartfelt, heartbreaking and honest as it comes, and such bravery in songwriting will resonate with all who have experienced the same sort of loss in their lives.

Have a listen below. It is special:

It’s the first new music from the project since 2019’s full-length ‘A Pill For Loneliness’.

Here’s ‘Astronaut’ from that very record:

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