cleopatrick Announce New EP ‘DOOM’

Another dose of frank and furious modern rock is coming from cleopatrick in the form of a new EP.

cleopatrick have announced the details of a brand new EP, a follow-up to last year’s full-length ‘BUMMER’.

It’s called ‘DOOM’ and will be released on October 21. You can pre-save it right HERE

Guitarist/vocalist Luke Gruntz had this to say about it and how it came to be:

“DOOM was written and recorded during one of the most intense years of our career as we toured nearly non-stop from September 2021 to August 2022. It’s a collection of 5 songs about digital complacency, fleeting privacy, love letters written out in 1’s and 0’s, divine macbooks, leaked files, lost humanity, corrupt hard drives, lizard billionaires, killer asteroids, the proverbial “cloud”, maxwell’s equations, 1997’s IBM “DEEP BLUE ®” supercomputer, high energy particles, and the magic piece of glass that I keep in my right front pocket”

And the artwork looks a little bit like this:

The EP is set to feature ‘OK’ which was released recently and sounds a lot like this:

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