Code Orange Release New WWE Entrance Song For Bray Wyatt

Code Orange have joined forces with Bray Wyatt once again for his latest WWE entrance music, and it is otherworldly.

Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE at Extreme Rules earlier this year in a classically mysterious way.

And with his return came new entrance music.

That entrance music is ‘Shatter’ a new song created by none other than Code Orange.

Serving as the band’s first output since 2021’s ‘Out For Blood’, it shows off the discomforting and quiet side of the band brilliant.

From the opening piano keys and the discordant bass through to the seriously catchy and rousing chorus, it is a little piece of old-school genius.

It shows off just how far Code Orange are willing to travel in the name of creating something special and will also send shivers up the spine everytime it is used at a show.

Have a listen for yourself below:

The band previously worked with Bray during his inception as The Fiend as well on ‘Let Me In’. That sounds like this:

Oh, and if we want to go back a bit further, they helped out Incendiary’s Brendan Garrone to welcome Aleister Black at NXT Loud:

And whilst we’re here, here’s ‘Out For Blood’, just because:

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