Crown The Empire Release Gigantic New Track ‘Immortalize’

Crown The Empire are back once again, and their new track is planet-sized.

Crown The Empire have shared a new track, and they are setting up to have an extraordinary 2023.

The song is called ‘Immortalize’ and finds the band on the more melodic side of their sound, with humungous choruses and arena-sized riffs aplenty.

It’s daring, direct and dripping in the sort of atmosphere that can move stars.

Vocalist Andy Leo had this to say about it:

“‘Immortalize’ is about the fear of being forgotten once we pass on. It questions mortality, the existence of a higher being, and struggles to find meaning in the inevitable. Time is the only currency that can’t be replaced and there’s no way of ensuring we’ll leave a legacy worth remembering. All we can do is try and make our marks before we’re gone forever.”

Here it is:

The band released a new version of their classic track ‘Johnny’s Revenge’ earlier this year featuring guest vocals from Spencer Charnas, Dave Stephens and Craig Owens.

That sounds like this:

And here’s the crushing ‘Dancing With The Devil’ which dropped last year:

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