Dave Grohl barbeques for 450 homeless people in LA

Image credit: @rvansleve/Instagram

Foo Fighters frontman barbequed for 16 hours at Hope of the Valley Rescue mission feeding over 450 people

Due to the impending snow storms heading for LA, Hope of the Valley Mission alongside Dave Grohl fed the homeless with brisket, pork butt and ribs.

Hope of the Valley CEO Rowan Vansleve posted a video with the singer captioned ‘And in the middle of our 350 mile run to end homelessness, we got the coolest video ever from Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters. Not only did I wish us luck, but he cooked for hundreds of people who live in our shelters in the middle of one of the worst storms. Nothing but love and respect for Dave.’

Another video posted on Twitter by Liz Allman Securo said ‘So, without telling anyone, Dave Grohl brought his giant smoker and cooked/fed barbecue and sides for 500 folks at Hope Mission in L.A. during the storms. Paid for it all. Worked 16 hours. So, when the aliens get here and ask “who’s in charge?”, I think we take them to Dave Grohl.’

Credit: @LizSecuro

Another fan on Twitter commented with a photo of Dave Grohl at the helm of the barbeque ‘This photo of Dave Grohl in glasses and a man bun prepping food (which he donated and cooked himself) is absolutely SENDING ME. Chef’s kiss, no notes, and thank you very much.’

In the words of Foo Fighters, ‘There goes our hero’.

Foo Fighters announced yesterday they would be adding three new US tour dates in New Hampshire, Alabama and Arkansas to their already busy summer.

For further information, go to Foofighters.com.

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