Dayseeker Share New Track ‘Dreamstate’

Dayseeker are building up the spectrum of their new album ‘Dark Sun’ with another emotional track.

Dayseeker are back with another piece of their upcoming album ‘Dark Sun’, and it’s another absolute stunner.

It’s called ‘Dreamstate’ and deals out gorgeously affecting melodies and intricately placed bursts of atmosphere.

It’s a track that delves further into the emotions that vocalist Rory Rodriquez experienced whilst grieving for his father, and they are delivered in such a way that it’s hard not to feel choked up.

Vocalist Rory Rodriguez had this to say about it:

“‘Dreamstate’ is about my experiences in dreaming of my father, who passed last July and truly feeling like we were communicating while it was happening. It was a beautiful thing to experience on one hand… but also very heartbreaking and disorienting with my sense of reality on the other.”

You can have a listen to it below:

‘Dark Sun’ is set to drop on November 04 via Spinefarm.

It follows on from ‘Without Me’:

And will also feature ‘Neon Grave’:

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