DE’WAYNE Unleashes An Ode To The Underdogs With New Single ‘Lightweight’

Following his recent signing to Fearless Records, DE’WAYNE has shared new single ‘Lightweight’, an ode to the underdogs.

With explosive single ‘Synthesizer’ dropping earlier this year, ‘Lightweight’ is an energetic rock track all about fighting the good fight and never giving up or giving in.

Discussing ‘Lightweight’, DE’WAYNE has explained:

“This song is about the UNDERDOG, the lightweight in the fight…I wanted to explore the concept of combining boxing and love in the same song. The idea of not giving up in a fight is equivalent to not throwing in the towel in a relationship or a goal you really want to achieve in life. So I just took that and ran with it on lightweight.

“‘Lightweight’ is one of those songs where I took some of my real life experiences (what happened that morning) into the studio. It means a lot because it has such a beautiful message to me. The bridge goes, ‘If i take two steps in and you do the same, we might just be alright we might we might.’ I stand firm on that line. That’s the main thing I would want anyone to hear and REALLY feel.”

Have a listen to the new single via its brand new video below.

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