Doodseskader Announce Debut Album ‘Year One

One of alternative music’s most fascinatingly raucous new bands are gearing up for their debut offering.

If you’re not already familiar, meet Doodseskader.

Made up of singer/bassist Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Every Stranger Looks Like You) and singer/drummer Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov, The K), they are. duo hellbent on creating something you have never heard before.

They’ve shared the details of their debut album ‘Year One’, which will be dropping on November 18 via Isolation Records.

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

1. 1745
2. Bloemen Noch Kransen
3. It’s Not An Addiction If You Don’t Feel Like Quitting
4. Less Of Everything
5. Alive & Not Well
6. I Hope You Find Joy In Your Ignorance
7. Blood Feud

And you can hear the first taste now in the form of ‘Alive & Not Well’, and it is wild.

A combination of sinister hip-hop, ethereal rock and roll and guttural hardcore, it’s a new sort of brilliantly inventive darkness that you will find it hard to resist.

Tim had this to say about the track:

“‘Alive & Not Well’ is things clicking for us.

It was half Sigfried, half me. Half of it describes us struggling, but half of it also is us grabbing misery by the throat and facing it head first. It’s the fifth song on the record and I feel like this is the point where things started shifting and we realised that while the record served as a document of our hardships and us trying to come to terms with the past we’d put on display in MMXX : Year Zero, from that point on it’d be us using our honesty and this band as both a weapon and an armour. “Forty fucking five, I wear the number like a vest”. Fortune gave us a shitty hand. Now we’re slowly turning it into the fist that’ll strike back.”

It comes paired with a mind-melting video, which you can check out below:

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