Dream State Announce New EP ‘Untethered’

The new chapter of Dream State is well and truly underway, and a new EP will be yours very soon.

A few months ago, Dream State revealed the start of a new chapter with the revealing of a new line-up.

They have now announced the details of a new EP, kicking that new chapter in gear.

It’s going to be called ‘Untethered’ and will be released on February 03.

Guitarist Aled Evans has had this to say now about the line-up change:

‘When CJ and Rhys left the band last November, I was left with a very difficult choice – rebuild the band or start something new. Ever since its inception, I’ve been the backbone of Dream State. I was the main songwriter and I had given so much time of my life and sacrificed so much for this band, and I didn’t want all of that to go to waste. Tom (drummer) had actually joined the band before CJ and Rhys left, and was working behind the scenes with us on new music. We were also auditioning Jake to be bassist at the time as well as we were planning on becoming a 5-piece.”

“We didn’t announce CJ and Rhys’s departure straight away as we were trying to find a new singer behind the scenes. CJ set the bar very high so it became a mammoth task to find a singer who would fit the band. We then found Jessie who was the perfect fit for the band. We knew that keeping the band going would be met with mixed reactions, but we’re doing this to keep the music alive, for ourselves, and for the fans out there who still want to see the music live and hear new music. We understand that it won’t be for everyone and that’s ok, but at least the choice is still there for the fans.”

And he had this to say about where the EP fits into all of that:

The luxury of doing an EP is that it’s a much quicker process to release new music when compared to doing an album. Whilst there inevitably will be an album down the line, for now we just want to get as much new music out there as possible, without fans having to wait for as long as they already have. An EP also gives us a bit more freedom to experiment with new sounds and direction that we haven’t tried before. Whilst we’ve played around with electronic elements on the album Primrose Path, those were subtle whilst on this EP they have become a much more prominent feature and feel like a natural progression and evolution from previous songs.”

The artwork for ‘Untethered’ looks like this:

And you can hear a new track from it now.

That’s ‘Comfort In Chaos’, a crushing piece of emotionally charged and resilient post-hardcore that shows that the band aren’t here to mess about.

Vocalist Jessie Powell had this to say about it:

‘”Comfort In Chaos’ is about feeling the need for constant reassurance from the closest people around you and your loved ones, but by being so needy & insecure it would push those people away. It’s about not knowing how to break the cycle of helplessly looking for issues, triggered by a traumatic response.’

And here it is:

And the EP will also feature the previously released ‘Taunt Me’, which sounds like this:

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