Eli Hurts Announces New Album ‘Ouch, Eli Hurts’

Eli Hurts is going to be releasing a new album later this year, and it’s already shaping up to be a catchy one.

Eli Hurts has announced that they will be releasing a new record later this year.

It’s going to be called ‘Ouch, Eli Hurts’, which is brilliant in itself, and will be dropping on April 14 via Rude Records.

He had this to say about it:

“Ever since I was a kid I wanted to make this record. It just had to happen. I think it’s sick. It’s loud, it’s over the top. The record’s about feeling alone, like the world is falling apart, and heartbreak. I had so much fucking fun making it. Enjoy. or don’t.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Hot Shit
02. Runts
03. Rather Do
04. Member of the World
05. Upside Down From Here
06. Parking Lot Phillosophers
07. Virtually Reality
08. Self-Destruct
09. I Hate Me (I Don’t Anymore But I Did When I Wrote This Song)
10. Them (feat. Love Fame Tragedy)

You can also check out a new track in the form of opener ‘Hot Shit’, a spiky, clever, rousing piece of smile-inducing fun.

Eli had this to say about it:

“Me and my friend Katie wrote this song in the desert. The whole thing is sort of a front because it’s easy to get angry when someone leaves you but it’s way harder to just be sad. so this song is the angry part. scream away”

You can also check out ‘Runts’ right now:

And ‘Member Of The World’:

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