Eskimo Callboy Have Changed Their Name To Electric Callboy

“We hope you like our new name as much as we do!”

At the end of last year, Eskimo Callboy released a statement where they talked about and apologised for lyrics that they had written in the past that could be viewed as discriminatory, as well as hinting that they were also considering changing their name due to its derogatory connotations.

That statement looked like this:

“Hey guys,

the Hypa Hypa EP, We Got The Moves and now Pump It reaching #31 on the charts. What a year… While we continue to fiddle around in the studio, we are of course also reading all the comments on social. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. And thanks for the critical voices about our old lyrics, too. They feel less good, but are just as important. Therefore some real talk for a moment:

The Internet doesn’t forget. Not even the lyrics we wouldn’t write today. We can’t live without fun and irony, but of course there are limits to that. We apologize to everyone we have discriminated or hurt with our lyrics. That was never our intention. That’s why we are already in the midst of taking these songs offline. We are a tolerant and open-minded band and against any form of racism and exclusion. Our music should be as much fun for all of you as it is for us. But of course you can still think we suck.

Now it’s time for Christmas. You treat yourselves with some proper holidays and we will use the time to think about our name. Good ideas welcome!”

Over the last few months they have been posted videos, discussing what they had learned through conversations with fans and their own research about the word ‘Eskimo’:

They have now confirmed that they have changed their name for good, to Electric Callboy.

They have let everybody know about the change via another statement, which comes with a video accompaniment that also condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and puts focus onto that moreso than this.

This is what they had to say:

“Hey friends,

today we have big news for you!

Some of you that watched our last videos might have expected it already, but today is the day that we change our name!

From now on we are ELECTRIC CALLBOY!

Actually, we recorded some more videos with lots of more information… but with the senseless violence that is happening to the people of Ukraine at the moment, it just doesn’t feel right to push that topic any further. Still, we don’t wanna wait any longer with our name change with the knowledge we gained during our journey.

So here we go!
We hope you like our new name as much as we do!

But now, we need your attention to present you 2 charities, that are really important to us!

So please check out this new video and let’s use our energy for peace and solidarity!

Stay safe, We ❤️ You!”

And here is ‘PUMP IT’, because it’s a banger:

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