Fit For A King Share Colossal New Track ‘Falling Through The Sky’

Fit For A King show off their more anthemic side with the latest taste of their upcoming record ‘The Hell We Create’.

Fit For A King are well into sharing their upcoming album ‘The Hell We Create’, and the latest offering is ready-made for arenas across the world.

It’s called ‘Falling Through The Sky’ and is the sort of stratospheric and sensational rock song that needs to screamed from the highest of mountains. 

Though between the angelic melodies and stunning imagery, there’s still room for some of that FFAK intensity to seep through the cracks, so make sure your neck is warmed up for headbang duty.

Vocalist Ryan Kirby had this to say about the emotional weight of the track:

“‘Falling Through the Sky’ represents the mental struggles I had dealt with during the pandemic, and how little my upbringing prepared me to deal with it. Between adopting two children, my wife having constant health issues, and me losing almost 70 percent of my income, I was an absolute wreck.”

And here it is:

‘The Hell We Create’ is set for release on October 28 via Solid State Records. 

Here’s ‘End (The Other Side)’:

We have an exclusive vinyl colourway of the record available just for you, which you can pick up from right HERE

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