Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett Drops New Track ‘Born & Raised’

Foo Fighters’ guitarist is sharing some solo material and showing off his love of heartland rock and roll. 

Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett has dropped a new solo track, and it’s a real soul-rouser. 

It’s called ‘Born & Raised’ and is as nostalgic as it is fresh-faced. A celebration of heartland rock and west coast sunshine, it’s a proud and powerful piece of heart-on-sleeve loveliness which will have your feet tapping in no time. 

He had this to say about how the track came to be:

“My trip out to Nashville in March of 2021 was my first time recording any solo material since I made Hard Lessons,” Chris said of the recording. “I hadn’t done much traveling post-covid lockdown so I was a little nervous heading out there to work with a producer and roomful of musicians I didn’t really know.  In true Nashville style we made our introductions and got right down to work, hammering out the basic tracks in a few hours.  Vance was great and made me feel right at home, and the group of players he put together were on point.” 

Here we go:

It follows on from the reflective ‘Long, Long Year’, which sounds like this:

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