Gen And The Degenerates Drop Romantic New Track ‘My Perfect’

Gen And The Degenerates are back and keep on getting better and better with every track.

Gen And The Degenerates just keep getting better and better with every song that they release.

Their latest offering is called ‘My Perfect’, and is pretty close to being perfect itself.

With huge arena-ready chords, insatiable attitude and red hot lyrical turns, it is a romantically driving piece of classic rock brilliance with a wonderful message at its core.

Gen had this to say about it:

“ ‘My Perfect’ is a song about forbidden love, which has always been a big theme in songwriting but has historically been from a straight male narrative, especially in Rock.

If we’re going to talk about real forbidden love, like the kind of love that’s in contempt of both church and state, then queer people have a lot to bring to the table.”

“I was inspired by my own experiences of course but also by conversations with one of my close friends who grew up in Poland, a very religious country where there is a lot of stigma around queerness. I wanted the lyrics to feel both intimate and dangerous.”

Here it is with a wonderful video:

It follows on from ‘Girl God Gun’, which dropped earlier this year and sounds a lot like this:

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