Ghost Enter Billboard Hot 100 Chart For First Time With ‘Mary On A Cross’

Ghost’s ‘Mary On A Cross’ has been going viral over on TikTok and given the band their first breakthrough on the biggest singles chart in the US.

Ghost have achieved something truly wonderful. 

They have made their first-ever appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

And it’s with ‘Mary On A Cross’, a song that has become a viral sensation over on TikTok.

The song has placed at No.90 following six million streams in the US along in the last week, according to Billboard.

It’s also at the top of the Hot Hard Rock Songs Chart as well. 

Though it’s the band’s first appearance on the Billboard 100, they have been a mainstay on the Billboard 200 album chart over the years.

2013’s ‘Infestissumam’ at No.28 and ‘If You Have Ghost’ at No.87, 2015’s ‘Meliora’ at No.08, 2016’s ‘Popestar’ at No.16, 2018’s ‘Prequelle’ at No.03 and this year’s ‘IMPERA’ at No.02.

‘Mary On A Cross’ was released back in 2019 on a double a-side single. 

Here’s how it sounds:

And as an extra treat, here’s ‘Call Me Little Sunshine’ from ‘IMPERA’:

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