Ghost Release Version Of ‘Spillways’ Feat. Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott

Ghost have recruited one of classic rock’s most iconic voices for a new version of one of the many highlights from their recent album ‘IMPERA’

Ghost’s 2022 album ‘IMPERA’ was a smash hit across the board, and it came down to tracks such as ‘Spillways’ being so fucking good.

And the band have set out to make the song even better by bringing in one of the most iconic voices in classic rock.

That’s Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott.

They’ve launched the track with a bonus chapter of their wonderful lore series, where Joe can be found doing the song at karaoke in a pub in Ireland.

That looks like this:

And the song itself is just absolutely wonderful in so many ways. Catchy, deadly, flamboyant and iconic, Joe just adds extra layers of brilliance to it.

Joe had this to say:

“IMPERA was my favorite rock album of 2022… I found out along the way that Tobias is a bit of a fan of DL, so I guess it was inevitable we’d both find out about each other! Once we’d been introduced to the idea of working together it just snowballed organically and I’m thrilled that I got to sing on what is my favorite song from that album!”

Here we go then:

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