Guilt Trip Release Devastating New Track ‘Tearing Your Life Away’

Guilt Trip have signed to MLVLTD Music, and celebrated with a total curb-stomper.

Guilt Trip have announced that they are part of the MLVLTD Music family now.

And they are celebrating in the only way they know how. With a smash hit bruiser.

They’ve shared a new track called ‘Tearing Your Life Away’, which is a crushing piece of concrete-plated UKHC brilliance, brimming with attitude and intensity.

It rips and tears at you with playful glee, battering the hatches with outrageous riffs and an even more punishing breakdown, and sets the band up for some serious carnage next year.

The band had this to say about the signing and the track:

“We’ve all swallowed the blood from biting our tongues and it doesn’t taste nice. Sometimes you’re all out of patience and it’s time to remind someone they’re living in your world. This will be the first time working with MLVLTD on a release of music and we are all super excited about it. Both coming from a DIY background and both beginning our careers in the same scene in the north of England – we have many shared experiences which make it very easy for us to see eye to eye, not only creatively, but also in how the record will be delivered to the public.”

And here is the track:

And if you like what you hear, here’s ‘Fraction Of Time’ from their ‘Rain City’ EP:

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