Hammock Announce New Album ‘Love In The Void’

Hammock’s 12th album is coming, and it finds them delving back into the beautifully breezy post-rock side of their sound.

Hammock make the sort of music that reminds you how beautiful this world can be.

And their 12th album is set to be no different.

It’s going to be called ‘Love In The Void’ and will be released on January 27 via Hammock Music through Secretly Distribution.

Marc Byrd had this to say about the album’s sentiment:

Life can sometimes feel like an empty void but then there are those moments when everything seems shot through with ineffable beauty… the kind that takes your breath away or leaves a lump in your throat. Instead of seeing the void as negative, maybe the void can become the entry point for love. Maybe if we all could acknowledge our own inner void, we could learn to be more vulnerable with each other. To do a better job at loving each other, and making love a verb. When we choose to love in the void, we choose each other.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Procession
02. Love in the Void
03. UnTruth
04. It’s OK to Be Afraid of the Universe
05. Release
06. Gods Becoming Memories
07. It’s in This Lie
08. I Would Stare into the Sun With You Forever
09. Undoing
10. Absorbed in Light
11. Will We Ever Be Ourselves Again
12. Denial of Endings
13. The End Is the Beginning

And you can hear two tastes of it right now.

There’s ‘UnTruth’, a hauntingly gorgeous, breezy piece of spiralling sounds.

Marc had this to say about it:

This was written right after Andrew [Thompson] received some difficult news regarding his mom’s health. Getting older and watching your parents age is strange. The ‘UnTruth’ of unending youth. The passage of time seems almost omnipresent.  Am I, are you, are we strong enough to let go and watch the ones we love pass away?

Here we go:

And then there is ‘Gods Becoming Memories’, which shows off the most soft and ethereal edges of the band that builds into a heavenly crescendo.

Here it is:

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