Hannah Grae Releases Relatable New Track ‘Time Of Your Life’

Hannah perfectly embodies the challenges of growing up in this very real and very raw new track.

Hannah Grae has shared a new track, and it’s one that feels very close to her heart.

That’s because it’s dealing with things that she has only just been through.

It’s called ‘Time Of Your Life’ is a very real and very raw look at all of the things you face whilst growing up. The challenges, the lessons, the headaches and the heartbreaks that come with a time that is popularly known as the best time of of our lives.

And the video was filmed in her hometown of Port Talbot, in a school setting that perfectly matches the attitude of the track, which will surely be stuck in your head for weeks.

“The Time of Your Life music video is so important to me. I wanted to show more of my background and where I came from. We filmed it in a Welsh comprehensive school and used a bunch of different cameras, including an old camcorder and ran around the school dancing to my song. I couldn’t wait to translate the fun, carefree attitude of the song to the camera and I’m so excited to show it to the world.”

Here it is:

It follows on from ‘Propaganda’, which sounds like this:

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